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WG Pearson GT Magnet Elementary

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math Curriculum Focus



Welcome to a 21st Century Learning School

WG Pearson Elementary prepares every student for a bright future, using Project Based Learning and the latest tools in educational technology. 




As a Gifted and Talented Magnet, we challenge students to achieve at high levels and support them as they undertake new learning activities. Our curriculum focus is Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM), and our students use iPads every day to master the NC Common Core curriculum through discovery-based learning.


Why have a STEAM focus?

In our global economy, careers in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics are among the most valuable, personally and professionally. We work to ensure that all children are prepared to pursue these opportunities, by breaking down barriers between school subjects and incorporating STEAM-based skills into all of the projects that our students are assigned.



What kinds of students would thrive here?

·      Students who are natural explorers

·      Students who love hands-on learning activities

·      Students who enjoy working with others

·      Students who challenge themselves to excel


What makes WG Pearson GT Magnet Elementary School different?

WG Pearson Elementary believes in developing the whole child. We celebrate the natural curiosity of children, and we design instruction to engage each student in academic achievement, personal growth, and social development. We use iPads and the latest educational technology to create a unique opportunity for students to experience the wonders of our modern world. This emphasis on technology, along with Project Based Learning and our STEAM curriculum focus, prepares our students for success.


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What is a Gifted and Talented Magnet?

We begin with a belief that all children are gifted. In addition, many of our students are academically or intellectually gifted and qualify for differentiated education plans that provide for enrichment beyond the standard curriculum. We have teachers who specialize in meeting the needs of AIG students, and all work is differentiated to encourage individual student achievement. Our students also have access to elective options that further support their academic growth.

What is Project Based Learning?

Project Based Learning is an instructional approach built on real-life learning activities that keep students interested and motivated. They learn how to listen to others and clearly present their own ideas, read a variety of materials, write expressively, and create effective presentations. These skills – critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and communication – are commonly seen as prerequisites for success in the 21st century workplace.

My child is not STEAM for her?

All students benefit from integrated STEAM education; it teaches independent innovation and allows students to explore subjects in greater depth. The hands-on nature of STEAM instruction increases the likelihood of success among students of al learning styles and abilities.

What does the program require of parents and students?

Parents are expected to:

·      Be involved in their child’s education & school activities

·      Uphold the program’s standards & expectations

·      Support regular and timely attendance

·      Communicate regularly with teachers

Students are expected to:

·      Interact respectfully with all teachers and students

·      Give 100% effort on all assignments

·      Follow the Durham Public Schools Code of Conduct

·      Use technology appropriately and responsibly

WG QRCodeContact:  LaManda Chestnut-Pryor, Principal or John Green, Assistant Principal

560-3988 ext. 88222


Mission Header Text

  Our learning community of students, staff, and parents will put students’ needs first and collaborate to ensure all students give 100% effort, reach 100% growth and is 100% successful.





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